Guided tours


Individual members of the public

The unguided tour 

The unguided tour using a leaflet available in six languages (FR, DE, ES, EN, IT, NL) allows everyone to explore the site freely at their own pace.

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Time: between 20 and 30 min.

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Guided tours (booking is required)

Guided tours are in French and accompanied by a tour guide.


  1. The conventional tour offers a chance to explore the site’s history and architecture.

    There is one tour which starts in the morning.

    Time : 1 hour and 15 minutes.

  2. The exploration tour offers an initial look at the site.

    There are two tours which start in the afternoon.

    Time : 45 min

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Thematic tours (booking is required)

The thematic tours offer a chance to explore the site from various angles such as architecture, literature and the sciences, but also via walk-through tours or tours with professionals.


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The group tariff is applicable from ten paying tickets upwards.

Travel agencies, tourist offices, coach operators, associations, families or groups of friends, come and explore the abbey’s history and architecture on an unguided or guided tour.

Depending on the configuration of your group, how long you have and what you would like to do, the tour guide team will come up with a programme which will be right for you.

Please feel free to get in touch so that we can make the most suitable arrangements for you.


Tours need to be paid for in one lump sum on site in cash, by cheque, credit or debit card or by payment of an invoice by bank transfer within forty-five days after the tour.

If there is a large number of people (more than thirty) taking part in a guided tour, the group may be split into two.

On the day of your tour, we ask you to arrive fifteen minutes before the tour’s start time (the booking time is the time that the tour starts) - this is for your own convenience. If you are late, the tour will be shortened by the relevant amount of time. The tour may be cancelled if the group arrives more than quarter of an hour after the tour’s start time.

For guided tours in foreign languages, you will need to contact the abbey in advance in order to finalise the conditions for the tour and to make a booking. At the present time only tours in English can be provided.

Booking is required

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Young people

Individual young people and families

Tours-workshops and events lasting from ninety minutes to two hours are available for young people and families during the school holidays.

Booking is required.

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Leisure activities

In consultation with the supervisors, the tour guide team may offer specific tours or educational workshops for children.

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Disabled visitors

The tour of the Couvent des Cordeliers is accessible to nearly all people with reduced mobility and there are thermally expanded documents and sketchbooks in contrasting colours for people with visual disabilities.

Guide dogs are welcome !

Although there are no disabled parking spaces available on the site, you can park temporarily in front of the entrance to the reception building while you drop someone off.

Appropriate guided tours can be offered - please feel free to contact the tour guide team.


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